RO Infrastructures

The workshop intend to  give an overview of the  Romanian infrastructures, technological transfer and services in the field of nanotechnologies and advanced materials.

The potential  of  modern  and advanced  facilities  of Romania  for  cooperation, at EU level,  will be presented.  Nanotechnologies covers a broad range of applications  in  different industries. The introduction of nanomaterials and novel fabrication  processes based on nanotechnologies are essential   in driving   different areas of society. The focused  of the Workshop will be on  the  capabilities and opportunities to cooperate with Romanian and EU  industry and   develop new technologies, to boost innovation, in a dynamic ecosystem.

Also will be discussed  research  challenges and industry priorities and the importance of collaboration  between  academia, research institutes and industrial partners along the value chain.

For further information and registration,
please e-mail to Raluca Muller, [email protected]


Raluca Müller – IMT Bucharest: MINAFAB and CENASIC infrastructures for micro-nanofabrication/services/technological transfer
Anton Ficai Univ. Politechnica Bucharest: A short overview of the research capacity of National Centre for Micro and Nanomaterials, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
Andrei Galatanu INCDFM: Research Innovation and Technology Center for New Materials (RITecC)
Nicoleta Lupu IFT Iasi Technology Transfer of Novel Magnetic Micromaterials: Comprehensive and Value-Added Approaches
Marian Zamfirescu INCDFLPR:CETAL – Research infrastructure for photonic based technologies
Radu Robert Piticescu IMNR:Up-scaling green synthesis and processing of advanced materials: opportunities for knowledge transfer toward innovative SMEs
Bianca Muntean Transilvania IT Cluster: Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub
Ionut Tata Innovation and Technology Cluster, Brasov –­ Developing and funding smart

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