Social events

All participants of EuroNanoForum 2019 are invited to attend the Welcome Cocktail and Gala Dinner, offering valuable communication and networking opportunities.

The get-together evening events provide a relaxed and informal environment where the delegates have the chance to interact with new contacts, reconnect with old acquaintances and exchange impressions on the conference.

Welcome Cocktail

The Venue

The Receptions Hall is one of the 1100 rooms of the Palace of the Parliament constructed almost entirely of materials of Romanian origin.

In this hall there were hosted official receptions during the Communist period.

Gala Dinner

The Venue

Ghica Tei Palace dates from 1822 and is located in the vast Ghica Tei Domain that includes the gardens and these annexes. The Palace was built by a Catalan architect, Xavier Villacrosse, at the order of Grigore Ghica, a local lord. At the time it was the summer residence of Grigore Ghica.


Touristic Options

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