Application procedure

Essential deadline: May 31, for the completion of the procedure steps.

  1. Download and fill in the APPLICATION FOR EXHIBITION PACKAGE (Stage-1)

– when choosing your position preferences, please access the exhibition map (see S1 floor). The positions are awarded on the basis of first-come-first-served.

– please read carefully the information included in the application form, especially the various deadlines (marked in bold).

  1. Email the application to the organizer (, with the subject “Exhibition”.
  2. Wait for the organizer’s written confirmation which will include details of next procedure steps (signing of included contract, payment, registration and accreditation). The accreditation process imposes a strict deadline for the completion of the procedure steps: May 31.


Note: The selected and confirmed stand positions will be considered booked only after the contract is signed by both parties.

Exhibition map

Industrial and research exhibition map – booked and available spaces, 16 May 2019:

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